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The Weekly Babble

Stages of Life

December 18, 2017, Bro. Chris Conly

Today is my daughter, Olivia’s, twelfth birthday and I’m at a trampoline park. Don’t worry, Phyllis and I are smart enough to know we are no longer twelve. We are watching from the second floor Parent’s Lounge. Great view from up here. We have both been up and down the stairs twice, so it’s not like we are avoiding exercise. What we call exercise and what these kids are calling fun, are not in the same ball park. These kids are burning calories at an alarming rate, and most of them don’t look like they have any extra to spare. They are having a blast. I see a few parents out there, but most are lining the walls, taking pictures or up here with us. The ones that are out there, I still call kids. Although they are young, their pace and endurance lets me know they are dads. Sorry moms, I don’t see any of you taking the risk.

There is coming a day when these children will tire of jumping. They will no longer desire to spend their birthdays at the trampoline park. What used to be an afternoon of fun will seem exhausting. They will no longer be kids. Sounds sad doesn’t it? Can I get an, “Awww”? But it’s not sad, it’s life, and it’s wonderful (A Wonderful Life, I wasn’t even trying on that one). It is wonderful though. If these kids never stopped being kids they would never have children of their own. They would never be grandparents, or experience that first job. They would miss a lot of life. Life comes in stages to the individual. Life just being life contains all stages at once. Life might be viewed differently at a nursing home compared to a preschool. Life is still happening at both.

Ministry can be similar. As our relationship with God grows, we experience stages. We served Him differently at each stage. Brand new believers will often have the drive of those jumping kids, as well as their direction. Mature servants tend to move at a different pace with focused direction. Both are important. How an individual chooses to serve will be a reflection of their relationship stage. A full ministry, as well as a full life, requires all stages. I pray you experience fullness in both.


December 16, 2017, Bro. Chris Conly

Have you ever experienced a miracle? I mean a real knock your socks off, “What in the world!” “That didn’t just happen!” miracle? Do you even believe in miracles? How would you like to have been there when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead? If that happened today and the video hit Facebook, what would be the reaction? That’s actually an easy answer; some would believe they saw a miracle and some would not believe. Oh, there would be lots of posts, and likes, and shares, and arguments, and so on, but all responses would be based on one question. “Do I believe what I just saw is real?” We see the same division in almost every miracle we read about in the Bible. God intervenes and does something that breaks the laws of nature. Some believe in the miracle and give God the glory, others refuse to believe and remain baffled.

By the way, that’s what a miracle is, a surprising event that cannot be explained by the laws of nature or science. A miracle is a super-natural event, and by definition it has to include something (someone) super-natural. I know we use that word for things that are not really miraculous. The birth of a baby is not a miracle, except for Mary’s baby. It is awesome, yes, but having babies is very natural. Sunsets, waterfalls, Olivia cleaning her room without being told, skinny guys winning eating contests, PRESIDENT Donald Trump (Ok, maybe?), are awesome and odd, but can be easily explained.

They can all be explained because of the first miracle, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. For six days God performed one miracle after another to set up a nature that displays His glory in astounding ways. He rested on the seventh and His creating was over. His involvement was not. God is alive and active in His creation. Sometimes He shows up as a miracle and bends His own laws. Sometimes He works within those laws to accomplish His will, but the question still remains. Do you believe in miracles? How about that first one? If your belief doesn’t start there all the others will just be baffling.

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